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Your Biography On Film

If you've ever watched BIOGRAPHY, COLD CASE FILES or CITY CONFIDENTIAL on A&E, then imagine giving someone you love a video that's filmed just like it, and it's all about them! It's the most incredible gift you could ever think of, and it's available from Create-A-Gram®... the name that's trusted nationwide for creative, custom audio and video!

How does it work?

Your custom video can include any of the following:

  • Photographs of your subjects

  • Audio and/or video clips of your subjects
  • In-studio and/or on-location interviews with friends and relatives
  • Telephone interviews with friends and relatives living at a distance
  • Whatever else you can imagine!

And can be created in any theme, for example:

  • to look like A&E's Biography

  • to look like A&E's Cold Case Files or City Confidential
  • to look like a documentary
  • to look like a news special

Each video is constructed using information you supply, and our years of experience in creative writing, music composition, narration, filming and editing!

These amazing videos can be made for:

  • Weddings - profile the bride and groom, from childhood to the altar

  • Anniversaries - celebrate the milestones and re-visit humble beginnings
  • Birthdays - poke fun at someone you love as they travel over the hill
  • Retirements - celebrate accomplishments and show your utmost appreciation
  • Company Histories - Share your business story with all your employees

After you've watched the condensed sample on our full site, email or call us at 613-247-9441 to get more information on Your Biography!

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