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Introducing The Create-A-Gram®

NMB Productions is the only place in Canada where you'll find the Create-A-Gram®. Top help you better understand it all, we have divided this Q&A section into many sub-sections. Simply click on the appropriate question to get the answer. When you are satisfied that all your questions have been answered, you may proceed to the "Online Order Form" to place your order. If you would rather talk to us, please call our office at 613-247-9441.

01. What is a Create-A-Gram®?

A Create-A-Gram® is a customized, recorded audio or video presentation that depicts a scene involving characters, music and sound effects. It's been best described as a custom sketch on CD or DVD. What makes the Create-A-Gram® so special is the information you supply. Each one is absolutely unique because of this, and no two Create-A-Grams® can ever be the same.

By information you supply, we mean things like nicknames, habits, likes, dislikes etc., and as you can see, the more "ammo" we have, the better the impact your personal Create-A-Gram® will have.

Each Create-A-Gram® comes neatly and professionally packaged and is available on Compact Disc, Data File on CD-ROM, DVD, VHS or Downloadable from this site. Of course, if you choose the download option, you pay absolutely no shipping!

02. Can you give me an example?

Let's assume that your Uncle John will be celebrating his 50th Birthday next month. You're planning a surprise party and want to play a Create-A-Gram® on your stereo during the party.

If you choose the "News Broadcast" scenerio, your Create-A-Gram® will begin with a typical news theme, followed by the hum of an average newsroom. The announcer will introduce the news anchor and he will start the "news broadcast" with a few humorous news items. The top story will be about your Uncle John. For example, city officials could have declared it a national holiday because of your Uncle John's birthday, and "live, on the scene" reporters will bring you the story as it unfolds. There will be guest celebreties praising your Uncle's accomplishments and of course, a few of these "famous" people will refer to your Uncle John by his funny nicknames.

All in all, the more information you supply will make your Uncle John's Create-A-Gram® a smash success, and he'll be able to play it over and over again for years to come!

03. Are there samples I can listen to on this site?

Absolutely! You'll need either a Windows* Media Player or a RealPlayer* to hear them. These samples are from actual Create-A-Grams® produced for our clients.

Please keep in mind that we've compressed these audio files for low-connection streaming over the internet. Your Create-A-Gram® will be digitally mastered in full, glorious stereo.

04 How much do Create-A-Grams® cost?

The Create-A-Gram® Custom Scenes and Songs start at $99.00* and that includes no less than 20 different pieces of information you can supply about your subject. Our Online Order Form prompts you to answer several questions about your subject and we even give you some room to tell us more if you want to.

The final cost will be determined and agreed upon before any work begins.

05. How do I go about ordering a Create-A-Gram®?

NMB Productions makes ordering a breeze! Simply complete our Online Order Form on the full site and submit it. That's all you have to do. The Form will ask for all the information needed, and once we receive it, we'll assess the cost and get back to you promptly. You can submit the Online Order Form in one of three ways:

1. Electronically, by clicking the 'SUBMIT' button,

2. By fax. Just complete the "printer-friendly" version of the Form and fax it to us at 613-247-9573, or

3. By snail-mail to: NMB Productions, Suite 121-316 Lorry Greenberg Drive, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1T 2P4

06. How much advanced notice do you need?

Typically for audio, we require at least 2 weeks notice, especially during a pre-holiday season. Add an additional 2 weeks for video projects. We take pride in every Create-A-Gram® we produce, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your final product.

07. Can you do one within the week?

We can make special arrangements in some cases. Just call us if you have a special need and we'll put our heads together and look for a solution.

In the event we cannot possibly accomodate you at that time, we will tell you so, rather than selling you a sub-standard product. Once again, our focus is on quality and we want your repeat business.

08. How many occasions are covered by a Create-A-Gram®?

This is the simplest answer by far... EVERY occasion!

Seriously, because we make each Create-A-Gram® from scratch, no two are alike, and just like there are endless occasions, there are endless Create-A-Grams®.

Typical uses so far have been birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, weddings etc., and the list goes on. You may have an occasion all your own. Just let us know and we'll build a Create-A-Gram® to suit you!

09. Can I send a Create-A-Gram® to more than one person?

Create-A-Grams® can be shipped to multiple addresses, or you can freely make copies and give them out yourself.

10. Can I get Gift Certificates for a Create-A-Gram®?

Create-A-Gram® Gift Certificates are available. Choose "Order Gift Certificates" in the "ORDER & INFORMATION" section.

PLEASE NOTE: that Gift Certificates are non-transferable and have a one-year shelf-life. Also, when you order a Gift Certificate, it will be sent either to you or your recipient along with a printed copy of the Online Order Form to make ordering even easier. All the recipient has to do is mail us the Gift Certificate with the completed Order Form and we'll begin the process.

The final cost will be determined and agreed upon before any work begins.

Be sure to visit our full site for more information and online audio- and video-samples.

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