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Video Demos

NMB Productions offers On-line Video Demo Reels, available to upload to your website. Bring us your collection of on-camera scenes and we'll edit them with music and titles. Professionally produced your Video Demo Reel will be a hot addition to your website. Once uploaded, you can direct casting agents and producers to watch your demo reel on-line.

NMB Productions can also put your Video Demo Reel on DVD and VHS. Call us today for a quote on putting your best footage forward!

Video Demo Reels generally run about 5 minutes in length. The final cost will depend on the amount of footage you want and the amount of editing involved. All footage will be imported digitally, in stereo if applicable, and mastered to DVD for safekeeping. You will receive one hard copy of your demo reel on either DVD or VHS tape. Additional copies cost $7.50 each.

PLEASE NOTE: Footage supplied will appear as is on the final product. If you are taping footage onto VHS, please use the SP or shortest mode possible for best resolution.

Audition Demos

Another great, affordable service we offer is the Audition Demo. From the simplest on-camera audition tape to a full-blown mini-production on DVD, let NMB Productions help you to audition with your best on film.

Video "Scene Stealers"

Don't have any on-camera footage? NMB Productions can create it for you! Select a scene you want to film and we'll come to you and shoot you doing it. Later, we'll edit, add music and sound effects if desired and you'll end-up with a professional piece that will look as though it was taped off television. Since the cost of this service varies depending on number of scenes and location shooting, we cannot list an approximate price here.

For all Video Demo services, please call us at 1-613-247-9441 or e-mail us.

Be sure to visit our full site for more information and online audio- and video-samples.

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