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Website Audio

Jazz up your website with customized audio that either directs traffic or simply entertains.

NMB Productions can help you map out a plan to incorporate audio and video into your site tastefully and at a cost you can afford.

Consider the following uses for audio or video on your website:

  • Voice & Musical Greetings

  • Product & Promotional Announcements
  • Contests & Games
  • "Live" Client Help
  • and much, much more!

Voicemail Audio

Like website audio, voicemail audio can make your voicemail more entertaining. Unlike website audio, what you hear is ALL you get! There are NO stimulating visuals, NO captivating 3-D graphics and what you have has to keep people on the line long enough to leave a message.

Many people complain that voicemail is dull and impersonal. Is yours? If so, NMB Productions can help make your voicemail light, entertaining, informative and most of all, anything but boring! By adding some personality to your message with music and sound effects, people will want to stay on the line just to hear it! And while they're hanging on, tell them about your services and special offers.

Audio is powerful! No question about it. Call us today at 613-247-9441 or e-mail us with your voicemail questions. We can put together a great audio package for you or your business.

"Voice Mel" Home Answering Messages

He's funny, he's rude, he's just plain stupid! In fact, he's whatever you want him to be! He's Voice-Mel and he's on the prowl, coming to an answering machine near you!

And the best part is, Mel only costs $25* to be the first thing people hear when they call your home, and if that's not irritating enough, imagine the added music and sound effects to make your phone message even more strange.

Mel would love to be the voice on your phone, but if you choose, you can have one of Mel's many friends instead. Who are Mel's friends? Captain Picard, Lt. Worf, Johnny Carson, the Crocodile Hunter, James Mason, Cliff Claven, Dr. Seuss, Ed Sullivan, Humphrey Bogart, Ted Koppel, Lt. Columbo, W.C. Fields to name a few...

Call Mel today!

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